whole wheat bread
with GREAT texture
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One of the (many) wonderful things about making bread is that nothing has to be exact.  The following recipe will be an excellent starting point; once you have mastered this, feel free to experiment, adding additional ingredients as desired (such as nuts, seeds, etc)

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The following ingredients and proportions will produce a loaf approximately 1 1/4 pounds (0.5 kilogram), baked in an 8 1/2" by 4 1/2" pan.

Bread Pan

I've made bread in both glass and metal pans, and definitely prefer this type of pan.  The metal pan produces a nice exterior crust along the sides, and bakes the loaf evenly throughout.  The smooth hard surface releases the loaf easily after baking, and cleans up in a snap.





to make 1 LOAF

If you are using a food processor to do the kneading use ICE WATER.  See this section for more info!


Click here to download a PDF file with recipe and abbreviated directions.