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The MIXING Process

Being the generally lazy person that I am, I throw all my dry ingredients (see RECIPE) in together, including the dry yeast.  My mixing appliance of choice is the food processor, so into the bowl goes all the flour, vital wheat gluten, salt, yeast, and sugar, if I'm using granulated sugar as opposed to a liquid form (agave syrup, molasses, etc). 

Dry Ingredients
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Alternatively, you may "proof" the yeast by dissolving it first in 1/2 cup (115 grams) of warm water with a pinch of sugar in it and adding it in with the liquid ingredients.  (Proofing means to allow the dissolved yeast/water mixture to sit till the mixture gets all foamy and expands significantly ... about 10-20 minutes).  This will kick-start the rising process, and probably reduce the total rising time by a half hour or so.

Proofing the Yeast

Proofing the Yeast


Once all the dry ingredients are mixed together, I make a little indentation in the flour mixture and add my lecithin and oil.  I then add about a cup (230 grams) of water (ICE WATER if you are using a food processor ... see the section on appliances), and start the food processor running, adding more water as needed to get the dough to the "ready to start kneading stage".

Please proceed to the KNEADING PROCESS to learn how to know how much water/flour to add.  The proper proportion of water to flour is crucial to producing the soft crumb and excellent texture that you want to produce.

Proceed to the RISING PROCESS
Proceed to the BAKING PROCESS




I am indebted to the absolutely fabulous instructions found in

The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book: A Guide to Whole-Grain Breadmaking

Once I mastered the technique she taught, I have been producing perfect whole wheat bread!

DO search out this book either in your library or via purchase. Reading through it will make you want to spend every day baking bread!!

The authors present so many wonderful types of bread to make, as well as presenting perfectly clear directions complete with illustrations, you'll feel like an expert just by reading through the various chapters.